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nicola siddi (italy), marcella gabbiani (italy), gustavo damiani (italy), pierpaolo saporito (italy)
“Cities are a whole of many parts: memories, wishes, signs of a language; cities are places of exchange … yet not only for the exchange of goods, but of words, desires, memories … and in his dreams now cities light as kites appear, pierced cities like laces, cities transparent as mosquito netting …” Italo Calvino, “Invisible cities”. Right this author is to temporally and spatially join traditional and contemporary architecture as well as the poles of the Venice-Shanghai-Hanoi Silk Road. Hommage is paid in this case to Aldo Rossi and his “Theater of the World”, the general idea being to represent an ephemeral, transportable and uncertain world, designed to accommodate all the different Silk Road situations, to host information and communication technology centers with satellite connectivity and wideband for telemedicine, e-learning and e-governance, able to guarantee health and cultural assistance, like modern caravansaries.