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sabrina maiorano (italy), aniello ciaravolo (italy), valentina cirillo (italy)
China, north-western area of Gansu’s province: an oasis rises enclosed among the high dunes of Gobi’s desert, it is the Source of Crescent Moon. The site, localized by the coordinates Lat. 40,09° and Long. 94,67°, is placed 6 km to the south of the town of Dunhang, in the past crossroads between two routes of Silk Road and today a developed tourist centre, thanks to a lot of naturalistic and cultural attractions, as the famous Mogao’s Buddhist Grottos. We have choosed this site because of the lake in the shape of half moon, that looks like an emerald mounted among the dunes, and the sound of the sand’s grains, rolling down the slopes, moved by the wind. The idea-project aims at improve the accessibility and the availability of the site, both during the day and the night, creating charming atmospheres, that exalt its mystic character, and increasing the value of the natural resources and place’s memory.