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valerio ciotola (italy), veronica de odorico (germany)
They wanted to connect Western and Eastern world bringing wealth to the local populations.

We developed an infrastructural high-speed ring around the desert.

On the outer side, a whole set of urbanities and intermodal transports developed very fast attracting industries and people. Commerce flourished soon improving the political stability of the region.
On the inner side, the desert remained untouched becoming the world’s biggest natural area. Most of its landscapes turned into national parks and reserves. From all over the world people come there to visit what centuries ago was known as the silk road, a constellation of settlements surrounded by the magic of the desert. A developed system of oasis’ allows people to freely move from one point to the other experiencing the connection between man and nature. The desert became a new canvas to explore while the oasis’ work as small factories where the fruits of land are made useful to man…