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ori maurizio (italy)
The “paradise regained” makes concrete the possibility of a new planetary equilibrium, based both on energetic-alimentary sustainability and on resources sharing. So the idea: a productive garden as a new model of agriculture, not centralized but distributed, not monocoltural but differentiated, non depending by hexogen sources, but fed by renewable energies and by hydrogen in particular. In this garden, the biblical tradition’s enclosure unrolls itself and becomes a fil rouge that interconnects and opens the project to the surrounding territory. Along this axes, there are systems of production and distribution of energy, and an interactive membrane with panels for the visitors’ information. In this way, “paradise regained” becomes a path of knowledge, able to represent a wonderful world, like that one imagined by the ancient voyagers, based on a pacific meeting: between man and nature, but also between different cultures, which, interacting, would create a possible future.