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francesca etzi (italy), elisa serra (italy), matteo pessini (italy)
This project come from the idea of a net. The study started from a strategy about a fast trains railroad, through China(lat.40°3'0”N long.116°35'0”E)Vietnam,Thailand,Myanmar and Malaysia. Considering that all around the railroad, will born new future towns, our strategy is based on the construction of a net of cities, linked by a channel of clean energy, able to make them self sustainable.
The process needed to make clean energy starts from resources of energy foundable on the site:from cycles of reuse of refuses, through yet adfirmed processes of transformation, exploit of hydrogen and through renewable energy.
An example of this net, that is able to link each other far countries could be the internet: it's based on the concept of client (who asks for something) and server (who provides you what you need).In order to work that way, the energetic net should force every "involved object" to be server and client at the same time, able to accumulate and distribute energy when needed