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francesca etzi (italy), elisa serra (italy), matteo pessini (italy)
The ideal city would be a self sufficient organism where everything works thanks to clean energetic systems, every house could live independently and could share it with other houses. In the same way every town would exploit the energy resources more present within its area and the public transport would be powered by the energy coming from houses.
The passage to this city would be made by three steps:
1) the city would use the dirty energy, turning it clean, and using it to feed itself;
2) a lot of satellite towns, already working as independent clean entities, would help the other towns to feed themselves until became self sufficient;
3) the city would have already reached its independent status and could share a part of its clean energy with other towns.
This process requires the active participation of the citizen: from a limitated participation to an active participation where the citizen that makes the town produce enough energy to feed itself and the near cities.