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fabrizio niceta (italy), anna russo (italy), benedetto marotta (italy), giusi torrisi (italy), angelica scarcella (italy)
Riding on the knots.

41° 0'57.95"N - 28°58'46.79"E

Not a beginning neither an ending, but a never-ending walk through the centuries made by history and culture, that has allowed to link the western and the eastern societies into that has been defined as the more ambitious social-economic link so far.
The gorgeousness of the silk-way, in 800 years of distance since the Marco Polo voyager, showed once again its enhancing, its potentiality and its reloading regarding the common opportunities of new views which look toward developed scenarios and towards new points of meeting between different cultures now allowed.
Like horses and stations of the Gengis Khan’s post system, which can link the entire continent in a few days, high speed trains are today a solid witness that promises to reduce the travelling times between opposite cities (knots) and leads to an opportunity of a demographic rearrangement as well as a equal distribution between resources and richness.