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alessandro corradini (italy), velerio barberis (italy), marcello marchesini (italy), cristiano cosi (italy), francesco martini (italy)
Technology transformed human interactions by collapsing space and time. Today people are able to make different kind of relationships living in different countries and in lesser time. From a cultural point of view, this has the same meaning to state that communication and transportation were decoupled. The obvious effects are in terms of changes in the boundaries of human interactions, in language and conceptual systems and in new forms of social relations. So that, at last, people no longer needn't each other to communicate and to produce, transmit and acquire cultures.
On the other hand the Silk Road has always been one the most important channel of communication and transportation between Asia and Europe. It enabled cultural and commercial interactions between different people and nations. Before that sea-way and air-way became a more efficient alternative, the Silk Road was the only space available to produce, transmit and acquire cultures from both Asia and Europe.