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ruben d'alessandro (italy), cristina bronzino (italy), stefania caccamo (italy)
Four thematic paths hook degradated areas in a network of lively activities, with the recovery of the historic architecture and urban structures:1.Craftsmanship: a walk through crafts shops, workshops and ateliers2. Hosting: a system of small scale accomodations located into restored historical building3. Culture: Several centers for research, expositions and education are conceived to raise the knowledge of local history and traditions and to renew their meaning 4.Civic Pole: a space for public debates and community participation, to encourage voluntary activities, to raise awareness and to help implementing small scale projects.Exalting meeting and social activities, the idea is to make of Gaza a center for international integration, counting on cultural heritage and the belonging to the SIlk Road as a powerful engine to encourage international studies, exchanges and friendship. A new caravanerrais welcomes into the Old CIty, promoting dialogue, mutual understanding and peace.