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nicola valentino canessa (italy), paolo bartoletti (italy), fabio merlo (italy), danilo boniello (italy), gabriele pisani (italy), paolo andrea raffetto (italy), nicola pisani (italy)
Stop, wait a minute.
It is a mistake, a huge mistake, we hastily missed a huge space that surrounds us. Indeed, it is true that now we can from every point, whatever it is, reach another one, navigating virtual water, but probably if we stop only a moment to think about what happened to that world, that we inherited from our ancestors, we see that is still there, almost unchanged, perhaps not in excellent health, but still exists.
If we think that every single point contributes in fact to the formation of the whole, we can think that if we look better the world around us with our new, hyper technological senses, we can discover and design an infinity of new universes.