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franco bonito (italy), massimo petri (italy), anita mollo (italy), angela longares (italy)
East and West, Silk Road, Cocoon, Butterfly.
The names are the things themselves.
Signs fix our thought and words, materializing our vision.
The graphical signs of “cocooN” gather them in spheres plus mathematical “n”, indicator applied differently in time and space.
Cocoon, atom, sphere, “perfect space” : inside,
and butterfly, opening-vision : outside,
represent an ideal space for us, imperishable dream of man, characterized by a theoretical reflection declined with utopia.
The object-sphere (cocoon) remains constant even if repeated, and its projection (utopia, opening of the sphere, butterfly) becomes the only variable, adapting to the space-time situation of the territory where it is placed.
From an imaginary distance, about 15000 km long, more monochromatic and compact monoliths- sphere rise from the ground. They open themselves becoming mark-parks different in sign and colors.