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carlo castaldo (italy)
Visual DECT, new entry in the consumers’ electronics field.
This invention consists of a portable video entryphone, that is a DECT phone, that integrally fulfils all the functions of a house cordless phone. The idea at the base of the invention is to transmit the video information, coming from the cameras of an external wired video-entryphone system (building park), on the portable unit (DECT phone) of the single apartment, through a color display integrated into the DECT phone unit. Further advantages are: a) to see the image of the person calling before answering; b) to be able to answer the cordless video entryphone when you are far away from the fixed video entryphone emplacement, for inst on the terrace, in the swimming pool etc.; c) to be able to operate the mechanisms of the door, the automatic gate, etc. The invention’s new concept finds easy application, in each apartment, because there are two separate points: the telephone fixed and the video-entryphone fixed.