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lucia zamponi (italy), filippo nanni (italy)
42°54'42.22", 89°32'29.53" between Turpan and Kamul, in a depressed area under Houyan Mountain, China.To overturn the linear system’s logic of a connection infrastructure into a new meaning for re-orientation, able to represents the contemporary nomadicity, it has to create a reference system to understand a territory and its genius loci, crumbling any predetermined way.Crossing territories is seen as a creative act, able to perceive its becoming.It is a nomad search that aims to create a relationship’s system by times and spaces’ juxtaposition, inspired by ancient maps’ imaginary, rich in personal interpretation of the unknown.In the system of open space, continuous and unconfined, strategic pre-existences of brown fields in Silk Road’s vector trend, are underlined transforming them into enclosure of acceleration or slowdown, as flourishes that define new boundaries to fix development’s limits: superimposing to recognized landscape a new principle of settlement.