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lucia zamponi (italy), filippo nanni (italy)
Effective actions, aware of the extent of their spatial borders, but not of programmatic ones, create targeted effects.Distances’ definition finds the right rules of coexistence between development’s areas and enhanced void.Dwelling services or collective spaces for sharing, characterized by a strong potential of urbanity, create a new morphology around the existing buildings in low relational sites, introducing constraints and hierarchies in undetermined soils.Yurt’s concept of hierarchic space, with a strong potential to influence the use of the void comprise into its boundary, is interpreted like a sign in the territory that divides A area from B area, seeing in the principle of tracing an enclosure architecture’s founding act.The inner habitat, neither wildness, nor home, creates a domestic landscape defined by clear limits, neither West, nor East, ambiguous, not a city nor a non-place, could represents our heritage to the future, limiting the void and producing next ruins.