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chen xi (china), liang yang (china), liu zaihu (china), xu jie (china), zhong xuefeng (china)
The Back of the Oasis - 1
Saturday, July 2nd, 2009 Sunny
I’ve been walking on this road for about two thousand years. I’ve seen a lot of changes and thought a lot about where I've been, people I've seen and things I've heard. What hurt me most are the drastically reduced green plants and the gradually increased sand. During my journey, I lost a very important foothold called Loulan, which was gone forever because of the flooded desert. Now, I went eastward towards Dunhuang (China, longitude92°13'-95°30', latitude39°53'-41°35'), where I also found the decreasing green plants which made me feel increasingly anxious. However, what excited me was that people here have invented a new way of residential living: houses were buried underground; the deep soil was dug up and put on the ground, forming a round valley. Each valley had a hole made of glass at its bottom. According to local people, these holes were used for lighting and ventilation, which made me really curious.