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valentina colombo (italy), andrea giusa (italy)
What is a line? It is a curve connecting all points having a specified common property.
What is a “silk-line”? It is a curve formed by a series of lines, which connects some specific points having a precise common property: to be the points of passage of the ancient silk road.
As we considered, the passage of the silk road through the countries is not perceived by people; our aim is to recover it, by the use of a simple coloured “line” added to the existing paths, that connects the points (major cities, mountains, lakes, places) crossed in the past by the silk routes. The far West and East sides are part of the same project; it is something that gives a value and a recognition of the importance of the road the person is walking.
The hands moulded the silk thread; the silk line concept is designed using the hands.
From Venice, Italy (45°26’9.76”, 12°20’10.58”), to Xi’ an, China (+34° 16' 21.14", +108° 56' 39.14”); from China to the Mediterranean sea.