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valentina colombo (italy), andrea giusa (italy)
A spindle of streets and routes traced in the centuries by merchants and travellers. Exploring rich areas and varied landscapes, finding out ruins of ancient cities and new ways of living. From the earth to the water, this unique yarn links the East to the West.

The green linear trail traces the past; it is a material indicator of a rediscovered route. It becomes a three-dimensional volume to offer a place to pause and freshen up or for a panoramic viewpoint, a bench to see the surroundings or an oasis for sensing the past. The line captures the metamorphosis of the contemporary city, as a kaleidoscope in which the line reforms itself; it projects over the skyline or it is born again in the series of urban elements in the city. A vocal tutor, the Aspo bracelet, is designed to guide and to go with the traveller, picking up the wireless signal and giving information based on the exact geographical coordinates. Headphones are connected to lead the traveller in his new discovery.