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sha jin (china), guannan he (china), fan yang (china)
In Venice , we choose a crowd of buildings along the river to fix up. Venice is a beautiful water city, which built the city building in the most unlikely place -, Venetian style always the "water", winding Roadway, flow Qingbo, she looks like a floating in the blue waves on romantic dream, lingering a long time poetic.
Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, is also Turkey's largest city and port, industrial and commercial center and main tourist attractions. It's also one of Europe's largest metropolitan area. Residents of the city's 98% Muslim. CHINA – JAPAN
In Dunhuang ,we choose Dunhuang grottoes to fix up. Dunhuang is a county-level city in Jiuquan, Gansu Province,China's national history and culture. Dunhuang is located in ancient China to the Western, Central Asia and Europe traffic arteries - the Silk Road, once a flourishing trade and business activities.