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sebastiano maccarrone (italy), santi musmeci (italy)
The interacting project fulfils many purposes. It aims at establishing a real market used by the Silk Road cities to trade physical goods, but also – and most importantly – to exchange ideas, information, concepts. Hence the Silk Road has the potential to become the Road of Knowledge, as it would bring together people of different nations, faiths and cultures. They would be bridged, and through knowledge they would be challenged to know each other, eradicating prejudice which is the result of ignorance.The approach to the project reflects such aim. The structure is meant to be both useful on a practical and both an intimate level. It takes the shape of a linen cloth, a cloth which encompasses a passage in between. A cloth with both embraces the user and connects him to both sides of the world precisely via that passage with it’s at its core. Via that passage, that ‘cut’, you are able to see everything which happens across those places. The Road comes back to life.