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paolo raspa (italy), raul gabriel (italy), fabrizio giuffrida (italy), raffaele capone (italy)
People's movement between buildings is enabled by a web of elevated transport lines. These wired, connected cocoons are modular structures that change in number, place, geometries, and internal hierarchies along Silk Road.
Far East you’ll find one cocoon with a single optical fiber rising dramatically towards the sky: birth of a new society, launching a message and searching connection.
Further West along Silk Road, cocoons increase in number, their connections gradually more complex, representing the mutual improvement of connected societies. If the single, rising optical fiber is birth and hope it brings, more varied, complex fiber connections of established cocoon sites are a complete language, expressing each site’s level of interaction. One optical fiber, running the whole length of Silk Road, connects all sites. Together they are one single monument to our need to recognize the timeless roots of our society, to realize that there can be no Silk Road without silk cocoons.