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maria giovanna corda (italy)
For over 200 years, my family, exclusively, breeds the silkworm and gives life to the whole sector for the realization of "The Lionzu", the original hat of the female costume of Orgosolo. The Lionzu is a yellow strip of silk, 30 cm wide and 1.50 cm long, made at the frame exclusively with silk taken from yellow cocoonc, a special breed of worms called "race Orgosolo". Silk is processed by methods fully traditional: reeling, twisting, dyeing and weaving are all done by hand. The weaving is done with an old horizontal wood frame. To realize "The Lionzu" the warp threads (about 1200 per 30 cm wide) are twisted together around the spinning wheel and left at the natural color, while the wires that make up the plot are colored with saffron and take on a more intense hue. The result is a fabric made of raw silk, of a certain consistency, precious and unique.