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renzo campisi (italy), min tang (china), reiji kobayashi (japan), shiho eika (japan), francesca ceccarini (italy)
Main power of Silk Road, in ancient times, was SPREADING CULTURE.
Development of transportation made the journey easier but people have started ignoring “where they are passing through” and just caring about two points (start and end).Some cities along Silk Road are decaying or disappeared due to climate, wars or politic.Some of them became “dead city”, and some are still “living city” but sans vigor.Most of inhabitants along Silk Road don’t know each other and this led to prejudice.Our mission is reveal again Silk Road to its inhabitants. We are talking not only about its history, but also about its actual different lifestyles.Our mission will be acted by DONG, born from the sound of Chinese word MOVING (動).DONG is like the ancient troubadour, who gave news, collected information at the same time and never stopped travelling.DONG flies slowly from one city to another, starting from Shanghai and ending in Rome, taking one year and repeating the journey again and again.