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andrea cassi (italy), massimiliano marian (italy)

“My ‘contemporary map’: an image that goes beyond the geographic dimension and is able to return the exchange of looks creating space. A map, not describing, but evoking. Its aim is to get across geographic experiences: farmers, nomads, hunters, and maybe also cosmonauts. I often wonder what “evoking” means today, in the era of continuous flow of information. I tried to travel along these tangled routes, woven by a tailor on the oriental side of the world. I’ve drawn it, I’ve described and photographed it. Only now I realize that its only genuine reproduction consists in the seeds that I gathered in my leather bag. They describe the passage between two civilizations: from the draught of the wheat to the wet ground of the rice fields. How beautiful would it be, if every passenger on that train could have a hand full of these to keep for himself. My map is this bag full of seeds. A way to fight the abstraction that we are forced into by communication and language.”