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xin geng (china), jun geng (china)
Italy block is the example block to show the design.
The block is mostly made of metal. Terrain, city marks, and the land route of the Silk Road are on the top surface. Country name and city names signed in local language (Italian), transparent resin shells around city marks are on the bottom surface. Sea route, made of blue nylon rope, is detachable from land pieces.
This block can be used as a commemorative badge, a pin, a pendant, or even a key ring.
In order to make each badge as a real proof of the retracing journey, visitors are required to collect some designated local characteristic stuff to fill up the resin shell and be preserved in it. Venice is a water town, so the collection stuff for Venice is the lake water around the city. “Rome wasn't built in a day.” The city Rome has a long history, so the collection stuff for Rome is the earth in the city.