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michele albanelli (italy), carmen hilda omonte miraval (italy)
The "Silkscape" is structured to be placed anywhere along the links of the Silk Road network,out from the knots-cities,so ideally in a natural environment and along the railway of the train(to be built).
The proximity to the train makes of it an infrastructural-pavilion,an hybrid oasis(digital and physical)which involves mind and body through discrete layers of interaction in time.
Unfolding the project,it reveals a set of SCAPES:the INFOSCAPE is a digital network which embeds informations updated from any remotely connected site;once those informations become ideas,they virtually open-up the net on the vertical direction,generating the IDEASCAPE that is the structure within which the SILKSCAPE can take shape in the form of cocoon-like spaces hold inside the web.
The Cocoons are sensorial micro-environments where ideas mature,or simply nests where people can lie, suspended over the ground,in a sort of plato's ideal world. Both options have hopefully analogue constructive consequences.