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anna sirica (italy), davide di martino (italy), giuseppe parità (italy)
The Silk Road has been the common ground of different scales of motion throughout history.
Along this path space and time were coherently intertwined, and cultures and populations cohabited in a mixture of identities and lifestyles. Nomadism is the original spatial practice of continuous movement and instability, hence more than ever modern. In its traditional forms, it meant relationship with nature and produced hybrid forms of multiple identities.
The tracks of nomadic populations interweave with those of local commerce and travelers, forming a network of connections, which will be crossed by the infrastructure of fast rails.
We propose to use the rail line as a double speed infrastructure: device of fast movement on one side, source of local empowerment on the other. The rail will produce, collect and distribute electric energy and concede connection to the internet for the nomadic populations who have in change conceded part of their land.