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sabrina maiorano (italy), aniello ciaravolo (italy), valentina cirillo (italy)
The idea-project consists of a series of installations, escorting the tourist along the way toward the oasis, elements for resting and for lighting in stylized shapes, that remind the signs suggested by the context. Near the walk to climb the dune there is a succession of footprints, bright in the night, standing out against the sand, as symbol of man’s effort to reach his destination. In the level area, two shadow zones are provided for the stop of camels and to hire sledges and parachutes. These stops are created by groups of clear triangular curtains, whose disposition is obtained by the planimetric development of the gores of temple’s roof. To support the arched shape of the lake, some steps are inserted in the sand, allowing both to have a walk and to sit. The lamps, placed along the shore, have got PV cells and are inspired by the shape of Saxaul’s flower. The spaces around the temple are lit by PV lanterns, portable in case of need, hanging by the branches of trees.