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gianluca marangi (italy), diego della spina (italy), marina romano (italy), bettina mattii (italy)
The journey that connected east and west, through Egypt, is here simulated by a sensorial trip inside two wagon-containers, easy to put together and transport. Inside these wagons-containers, on both side, hanged, in sequence, a series of displays oled on which are reproduced the images of the travel. The videos, one in front of the other, on the left side are dedicated to landscapes and on the right side to traditions and cultures. Above, between the displays, a directional audio spot reproduce local dialects of the defined area. Also the treading changes according to the land, simulating snow, ground, grass or sand. The coupling of wagons, causes the inversion of the videos, so that landscapes go right side and traditions and cultures left side.
The images of videos will move on as if filmed from the train.