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chen xi (china), liang yang (china), liu zaihu (china), xu jie (china), zhong xuefeng (china)
The Back of the Oasis - 2
Sunday, July 10th, 2009 Sunny
I visited a family here, the host was very friendly and invited me to visit his house. The house was spacious, light and airy. Although it’s in high summer, the house was cool. After visiting the room, the host led me to his little garden, whose area was about 200 square meters. There were many drought-tolerant plant species in it, such as the grape, walnut, elaeagnus and willow, and they were quite luxuriant. As Dunhuang had an extremely dry weather, I was surprised why his plants can grow so well. The host told me that before their houses have been built, they had begun running their little gardens. They used treated sewage to water these plants and cultivated them with care. I looked around and found many small gardens like this, which were combined into a vast and continuous one. It seemed that I have returned to the distant past and seen the spectacular pieces of oasis on the Silk Road again.