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Perception and settlement consequences

What is around travelling isn't any more a material contest but a landscape, whose fruition is solely visual.
Space and Time suspended.
The movement speed lets to achieve more and more large area in more and more short times: assumption for a urban extension unprecedented, widespread, supported by transport networks.
It is born a new type of closeness based not on the physical proximity but on the travel shortness in time words.
Railway station users are the “new nomads” (city users and travellings). In this space, they meet and compare each other exchanging their experiences and culture.
About relations between railway station and city, new spaces are made by technology predominance. Such progress can enrich the present but without compromise the local culture: that's the objective.
For this reason the Kashgar symbol, the MARKET, meeting place between present, past and future, will be part of the railway station, future city pivot.