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alessandro corradini (italy), velerio barberis (italy), marcello marchesini (italy), cristiano cosi (italy), francesco martini (italy)
The project aims at the realization of a high-speed (HS) railway by which communication and transportation are linked again in order to recreate a profitable cultural swap by the expansion of space and time. The former is a natural consequence of the transport way: a railway, in fact, winds along numerous areas and different lands. The latter rises from three distinct project elements which all together make up for the time collapsing due to high speed: the number of stops, the typology of train assemblage and the typology of stations. The large relatively number of stops involves numerous meeting chances. In each stop some coaches from the HS train are swapped for some coaches from the local trains. The composition of the HS train changes during the travel. Each country contributes with a certain number of coaches and can use part of global railway as its local railway. Finally the stations are shunting stations: switches between a local and a global dimension of transportation.