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The cotemporary silk road map already exist.
It’s not easy to recognize,but If you join the point that compose it,you'llseeit.
Behind the walls of containers,beyond the redlanterns,among the abandoned industrial areas,often in the first urban outskirt,there’s an unknown reality capable to give a specific added value to our tired European cities:This is the HI_SUKs.
It happens in circumscribed areas where hightech enterprises,associated in clusters,have established.
Silent mutations,due to issues of adaptation to the trendmarket,changes these areas.
The old industrial plants,which were offered to the city only through wallsoffence,have triggered a layer of semipublic use that moves in 3D putting inrelation the road with the proper placeofwork.
The ways of occupation and use of space ofhightech activities explain why these areas are the links of the necklace we're looking for:they promote firstly the rediscovery of serendipity,making these areas the contemporary suk of our cities.