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beatrice bonzanigo (italy)
Magic and mystery seem to have shaped the core of the silk road’s soul. The two filaments’ blind fascination for the seemingly unreachable otherness will be visualised in a monument where their awareness of the other matures as the tower unfolds upwards, until its zenith, where they finally-and magically-fuse in a luminous enlightment. The memorial, by embodying the Silk Road’s immaterial character, epitomises its ancestral and ethereal symbols, determinant of the thrust of curiosity that led to the first encounter, which in turn shaped its material essence. The building proposes a new architecture, whereby a static conventional shell–the Silk Road-encloses the sinuosity of light-its aura, whose gist materialises through the visitors’ human steps. The monument will stand in the Fergana Valley, as a symbolic landmark of the evolution from the first sensing of two filaments in this remote site into the millions that connect the two nations at present.