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Gianturco,area East of Naples,historically occupied by a dense tissue of traditionalindustries that have left the area,is a perfect sample of HI_SUK,a well defined zone circumscribed by natural and infrastructural border whose access are numerable and ordinate in degrees of permeability.It’s the setting of the cluster“Polo tech Naples East”that also exists in the virtual
HI_SUK areas can so be considered as the link between global and local.
This specific feature (be a link) together with the melting pot of activities (mixing production+commercial+instruction+hotels)is the proper one allowing the idea of a contemporaneous “suk”.Hi-suk is not a fixed specific urban form but a system of relationship, of urban sequences and virtual path to be discovered.
Thinking these areas as Hi SUK allow new oppurtinities to manage it and take advantage from. We only need a very bright sign to not forgetting this high potential. And this is what I propose.