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renzo campisi (italy), min tang (china), reiji kobayashi (japan), shiho eika (japan), francesca ceccarini (italy)
DONG is 10 km long and 60 m wide.
DONG is white and made by balloons closed in a fibre frame : video/camera balloons (which take videos during its fly) and structure balloons (which, taking in and blowing out air, enable DONG movement).
People can check DONG location and flying videos on DONG website.
DONG announces a festival arriving in the city. It models itself, according to the city, becoming a corridor (connecting existing plazas, bazaars, parks) and a cover for new activities (new bazaars, outdoor cinemas, parks of hanging lamps, new caravanserai in a dead city...).
DONG is a platform of input and output information which can easily used by everyone.
In input areas people can take and uploading (up-donging) their videos selling stuff, introducing traditional handcrafts, looking for new friends, asking questions or greeting families far away.
In output areas DONG acts as an outdoor cinema or show videos taken during its fly or made by people in other cities.