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luca marinelli (italy), silvia manzari (italy), federica russo (italy), federica fava (italy), laura guastalegname (italy), zaira magliozzi (italy), laura corvino (italy), claudia alessandro (italy)
The “VirtualCocoon” is a contemporary reinterpretation of the “Tok”,old market located in the most important Silk Road’s crossroads.Our goal is to make up for the absence of social-ethnic interchange between Silk Road’s different cultures,now lost due to globalization.In the VirtualCocoon,situated in the central public space of Silk Road’s city,you do not exchange consumer goods,as you would in any other market.But you have the opportunity to exchange your experiences.You can be physically in your own city and virtually move between any other Silk Road cities.This interchange is not only between two people but extends beyond the VirtualCocoon,in the city so that the traditional urban landscape is modified.
Follow the instruction below:
1_Live your experience
2_Go in the closest VirtualCoccoon
3_Leave your emotional sequence
4_Find out in the VirtualCoccoon database what you want to live
5_Live,through another person’s eyes,his experience
6_Share it with your city