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franco bonito (italy), massimo petri (italy), anita mollo (italy), angela longares (italy)
Our project-idea, adaptable to multiple sites is a structure-sphere, CONSTANT in appearance and color.
Its VARIABLE projections create mark-parks bounded from the shadows to ground.
Cocoon and butterfly. Object-sphere and its projection.
The object-sphere is perimeter (crossroads) of man historical acting.
Topos aspirations and functional needs converge in. It has the function of coordinating the different events within a coherent system of interrelations.
Monochrome and transparent, measuring 333 meters in diameter it is divided into four levels identifying four areas (commercial, accomodation, cultural and scentific ones) subdivided in several layers, vertical and horizontal links. Energy supply in total autonomy.
The mark-park is the shadow of the object-sphere at sunrise and sunset and adapts to where it is placed
The perimeter, bounded by the maximum projection of the shadow, covers an area of 80 acres embedded in the landscape, enhancing its connotations