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alessandra deidda (italy), ivan grippaldi (italy)
The basic module, reproducible in scale or adjoining, is a cylindrical structure of bamboo with the roof shaped as a truncated cone, covered with paper and recycled plastic (as UPM ProFi Deck Plus), resistant to wear and extreme climates, made rigid by a circular skylight that allows "natural lighting and ventilation of the platform. In the vertical walls is manifested the maximum local expression, as in the yurta here’s the Pazyryk carpet, a symbol of the mix of cultures developed along The Silk Route covers the structure leaving Modular large box for spices (or other local products) intended for travelers to make a tactile and visual sensory vibration. Outside, the station will look austere, typical of the Yurta, though open to receive local input. The idea is aimed at protect the traditional romantic image of what will be the axis technological exchange of the future, through the added value of tradition and innovation.