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pietro carlo pellegrini (italy), filippo tarquini (italy)
The name Con-trib├╣.txt sinthetise the statement:The message is not the matter - more important is the contribution, the addition, the detailing that interacts between its sending and its actual revieve.
The project addresses the need to accommodate the space used for the media system, for territory analysis, to meet the local demands.
A suspended aerial unit, the the wifi space, whose shape recalls the transition, implied condition of the project. here, metaphorical are put in aviaries, of which the entire outer surface is a function to allow the arrival and stay of homing pigeons.
a second aera is bound to the earth, its plant is shifted further to define the gap, and has the function of resolve the prossemic demands. its podium,defining an half covered square, is thought to be in a form adapted to local conditions.
formal design draws cohesion, the handshake of two cultures. such as air and sky, the basic elements that in every culture and place are identification measures.