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giacomo minelli (italy), riccardo pedrazzoli (italy), valentina cicognani (italy)
The 6x3m screens contain cameras able to capture the scene in front of them while the LCD is displaying. This because the ‘record’ and ‘display’ phases alternate in short intervals, making the flicker unperceivable to the eye. Thanks to this trick, staring at a screen, one see a visual tunnel connecting all the installations, toward west in one side and toward east in the other. This means, for example, that the eastern mirror in Tyre displays what the cameras see in Damascus, while the western one shows the scene captured in Gaza. In Gaza the eastern screen displays Tyre and the western Alexandria. And so on. Of course the order of the cities may even change in random ways, so that the habitants of Aleppo might be face to face for an hour with those of Nagasaki before the normal order is resettled. The 9 meters of distance between the screens are marked by a stripe of dusty track that in the perspective of the video will appear as an infinite road: the Silk Road, born again.